Agriculture Tuning

Performance upgrades, maintenance, and tuning will ensure that your vehicle operates at peak capacity for years to come. The way your vehicle performs is crucial when it comes to fuel efficiency, handling, power, performance and safety.

Performance tuning includes deletes like Immobilizer, Cylinder Contribution, EGR tuning, DEF tuning and codes. Equipment examples of our Tuning are Case, Caterpillar, Challenger, Claas, Deutx, Fendt, Ford, JCB, John Deere, Kubota, Massy Ferguson, McCormick,New Holland, Steyr, SAME and Valtra.


Most modern trucks, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery have engine control units (ECUs). Agricultural machinery are one of the largest benefactors when it comes to recalibrating the ECU.

The software within these engine control units have been programmed very conservatively by the manufacturer with generic settings, to cater for the most common performance requirements, climatic conditions, fuel quality etc. These settings can be improved, so that your vehicle will perform optimally for the conditions in which you intend to use it. When we “re-map” a vehicle, we adjust all the various software settings to make sure the vehicle performs exactly the way our client needs it to perform, in the conditions that the vehicle will be operating in.

Due to the large capacity engines fitted to plant machinery it enables huge improvements in torque and tractability which, when it comes to farming and pulling machinery, provides for great all round drivability and decreased fuel consumption.

Benefits of Tractor Tuning

  • More Horsepower
  • More Torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved engine tractability
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Smoother, quicker delivery of power
  • Reliable, quick and easy to install
  • Can be reverted to stock when needed

The recalibration involves fine corrections to the Fuel pressure, fuel injection duration boost pressures and injections timing as well as a lot of limiter control such as torque limitation, throttle response and vehicle top speeds.

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