Air Conditioning Service in Summerside, PEI

Why should I get this done?

We believe that you should get your air conditioning serviced every 120,000 kms because it helps with your health and the health of your vehicle.

When humid air passes through the cooling system it leaves condensation droplets on the evaporator that can cause bacteria to grow as well as odors. You can avoid the build up of bacteria that comes from a faulty system, as well as allergic reactions and sore throats with regular service. We also like to replace the air filters as well, as they can harbor germs, viruses, mold, dust and many other airborne contaminants. All of which can make their way into your air condenser and end up being quite costly to repair.

Your A/C system is made up of a combination of components that are usually located in hard to reach areas. A minor issue can result in a costly repair if left unaddressed. Doing preventative maintenance can keep your system from having to work overtime when the refrigerant level dips. Keeping you and your engine cool. Even if your system seems to be working well, a regular check up is always a good idea to make sure the whole system is working well. In the end, regular maintenance means making sure everything is working well and that you are kept cool and healthy as the years go by.

Quick List of Benefits

  • Helps remove odors
  • Keeps you healthier by removing bacteria build up
  • Keeps the air system clean
  • Keeps your engine cool
  • Prevents costly breakdowns
  • Helps fuel efficiancy


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