Alignments- 2-Wheel & 4-Wheel Alignments: What You Need To Know

When driving your vehicle, you want everything to be aligned, especially your wheels, suspension system, and drive train, so you may need a 4-wheel alignment.

Can I find A 2-Wheel Or 4-Wheel Alignment Near Me In PEI?

If you’re less interested in learning about what wheel alignments are and instead just want to know if you can find an auto shop that performs wheel alignments on Prince Edward Island, then let us confirm that, yes, we do wheel alignments. Anderson Automotive is happy to serve drivers in the Summerside region of PEI with all the automotive services they need. This includes both 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments. But why might you need an alignment and what does the process entail?

How Do You Know When You Need A Wheel Alignment?

It’s not always easy to tell if your wheels are misaligned. If your wheels are badly misaligned, perhaps because of a significant collision, then you’ll be able to tell when it becomes nearly impossible to steer. But collisions aren’t as common a cause of misalignment as is wear and tear over time.

Our cars go through a lot, and as the only part of our cars that touch the road—ideally—wheels endure more stress than any other part of the automobile. And sometimes we drivers make it even worse on our wheels and suspensions. For example, a common cause of misalignments is driving on all-season tires for over a year straight.

Symptoms Of Misalignment

If you’ve noticed your steering wheel pulling to one side, there’s a fair chance your wheels are misaligned. Uneven wear on your tires is another common sign. Misaligned wheels don’t all carry the same weight from your vehicle, so some tires wear down quicker than others.

When one wheel carries more weight, its tire tread life suffers and needs to be replaced sooner. Regular tire rotations and tire balancing can help prevent this. When performing a tire rotation or when installing new tires, winter tires, summer tires, or all-season tires, the technicians at Anderson Automotive can check your suspension and wheels for a misalignment.

2-Wheel And 4-Wheel Alignments

At Anderson Automotive, we use an aligner to measure the precise position and orientation of each wheel. This is true for both 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments. Sometimes clients only need a 2-wheel alignment if the problem is caused by one misaligned or malformed axle. A 4-wheel drive vehicle typically needs as the name suggest 4-wheel alignments.

We can ensure both your front wheel and rear wheels are aligned correctly. When we perform a wheel alignment service, we can also make a caster adjustmentand perform any other repair or maintenance service necessary to adjust your steering. We use a state-of-the-art aligner with spring-loaded arms to grab the tire, which is key to avoiding any possible rim damage.

Anderson Automotive Offers 2-Wheel And 4-Wheel Alignments In Summerside, PEI.

If you’re in the Summerside area of Prince Edward Island, come to Anderson Automotive for all your alignments needs. We offer wheel alignments, tire balancing, tire rotation, suspension services, and more.

To book an appointment for a wheel alignments at our Summerside shop, please click here. To learn more about our services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 902-436-5545.

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