Brake Service Available At Anderson Automotive

Brake Service Available at Anderson Automotive

If you’re worried about your vehicle’s brake performance and you are urgently searching for car brake service in PEI, we at Anderson Automotive can help.

“Where Can I Find Car Brake Service Near Me?”

If you’re in or near Summerside, we at Anderson Automotive would be happy to help. At Anderson, nothing is more important to us than safety. That’s why we have brake experts on our staff. Whether your brakes are taking too long to engage, they make a high-pitched squealing sound, or it’s just time for some routine brake service, we’ve got you covered. But what should you know about braking and brake maintenance?

Car Brakes

We call them the “brakes” plural not just because there are brakes for multiple wheels, but because each brake consists of multiple components. The brake line, brake fluid, calipers, and brake pads all have to work together. And it’s a harsh process.

Brakes clamp down to generate enough friction and resistance to stop your wheels from turning. You can wear brakes down just by braking repeatedly at 30 km/h, pressing the brake pedal well in front of the stop sign. Now consider those times when you have to slam on the brakes going 100 km/h. Your brakes have to work in these situations, and that’s why brake service is so important for safety and peace of mind.

Automotive Brake Service

What services do your brakes need? Inspection is a big part of any automotive service. At Anderson Automotive, our technicians can inspect your brake pads and replace them if they’re worn down. The same is true for calipers, rotors, and we can check your anti-lock braking system (ABS).

We can top up your hydraulic brake fluid and flush your brake line if necessary. Drum maintenance can also be key. Last, we can take your vehicle for a road test to ensure your brakes are working correctly.

Symptoms Of Bad Brakes

The most obvious sign of bad brakes is if it takes you too long to stop. If you’re consistently having to apply your brakes earlier than you used to, your brake pads could be worn out or you might not have enough brake fluid. If you’ve felt pulsations through your brake pedals, heard high-pitched squealing noises, or experienced delayed braking, these could be symptoms of several different braking problems.

If you notice any of these issues, please bring your vehicle to Anderson Automotive for a brake inspection as soon as possible. Ignoring signs of brake problems is dangerous and is the equivalent of ignoring your check engine light. You don’t just jeopardize your safety but the safety of everybody else on the road, so please get your brakes serviced when necessary.

Come To Anderson Automotive For Car Brake Service

You don’t need to keep searching “car brake service near me” if you’re in the Summerside area of PEI. Just come see us at Anderson Automotive. We can repair and maintain your brakes.

To book an appointment for brake service, or for any other automotive service, please click here. To learn more about our services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 902-436-5545.

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