Computer Cloning in Bedeque, PEI

Have your new/used computer be plug and play – More and more computers are latched to the vehicle they came out of and can’t be reprogrammed to suit your Vehicle. No Theft to program. Car, heavy Truck and Agriculture.

ECU Cloning is procedure where the original ECU information is copied to the replacement ECU and allows it to be reused.

I’ve seen ECUs  damaged by

  • Water Flood / Intrusion
  • Failed component on the board
  • Damage by a Short Circuit
  • Incorrect programming and coding

​In most cases, modules can be cloned to compatible unit, cloning means making full copy of program and data parts. We clone most Ecu’s for Car, Heavy Truck, Agriculture and Commercial Equipment. Domestic, Asian, and European

Examples would be Hyundai / Kia Smartra module failure when cold – We can remove that option. Gm Global A computer cloning, Nissan Vin Locked – Clone your old one or rewrite the VIN, Toyota Vin Locked for key programming – Return computer to accept new Master Key, Dodge Vin Locked- Redo VIN so it can be programmed or better yet, Clone it

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