Fuel Filter in Bedeque, PEI

Why should I get this done?

Depending on the manufacturer, the replacement interval for the fuel filter may vary. We generally recommend it once a year. The fuel filter is essential for optimal engine performance and just like most components in your vehicle, requires regular maintenance. 

All combustion engines require a certain amount of fuel to start and run. When your engine doesn’t receive the fuel it needs, it may behave unusually or fail to start. You may experience difficulties like misfiring, idling problems, stalling, difficulty starting, the check engine light on, or sputtering while accelerating.

 Replacing the fuel filter will allow proper flow of fuel and air to the engine. This economizes fuel consumption and decreases emissions. Clean fuel is essential for optimal performance of the engine of your vehicle. Replacing the fuel filter in your vehicle is important because it ensures engine efficiency.

 The fuel filter is designed to catch and remove any contaminants and impurities from the fuel line, so that your engine is utilizing only pure gasoline. Over time, however, the fuel filter can become clogged and dirty with particulate matter. Sediment can get into a vehicle’s fuel tank when you pump fuel from the bottom of a storage tank at a gas station, and that can clog the filter or restrict the flow of fuel.

Quick List of Benefits

  • Protects your engine

  • Helps engine performance

  • Protects the fuel injectors

  • Filters out sediments in fuel

  • Allows proper flow of fuel and air to the engine


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