Oil Changes in Wilmot, PEI

Car Oil Change Near Me in Wilmot, PEI

Your engine’s oil is essential to the performance of your vehicle, so a car oil change is an essential service. Motor oil must be changed periodically in most types of vehicles. Regular oil changes can keep your engine in good working order and performing at maximum efficiency.

If you’ve been searching, “When do I need an oil change?”, “Synthetic oil change”, “Car oil change near Wilmot, PEI”, or anything similar, Anderson Automotive can help. We provide a range of different automotive services to keep the vehicles of Prince Edward Island in tip-top shape.

“Can I get a car oil change near me in Wilmot, PEI?”

You can! It’s easy, just come to Anderson Automotive and we can change your car’s oil. We can provide this service quickly and professionally. But just how often does your car need an oil change? And why?

Regular oil changes can increase vehicle longevity and performance.

Oil is one of numerous fluids that your vehicle uses which must be changed periodically. However, your motor oil is usually the fluid which needs to be changed most frequently. It is also possibly the most important fluid, at least with regards to the functionality of your automobile. Motor oil cools and lubricates the internal combustion engine.

However, oil loses its ability to cool an engine as time goes by. If left unchanged for a long time, the oil begins to turn into a sludge. Once this happens, this sludgy oil can’t properly clean engine nor collect particulate matter. Instead, unchanged oil just gets heavy and degraded by all that particulate matter, and this degraded, heavy, spent oil can damage your engine.

How often should you change your oil?

Your vehicle manufacturer’s manual should have a recommendation for how often you should change your oil. Usually, the recommended interval for an oil change is about every 5,000 km, or every three months. At Anderson Automotive, we can provide you with a more personalized estimate based on your vehicle and your driving habits.

What about synthetic oil changes?

Synthetic oil is comprised of the same chemical compounds found in petroleum molecules in the refined crude oil that comprises conventional oil. However, synthetic oil’s compounds are artificially synthesized. Synthetic oil has a few advantages over conventional oil, the most notable being lower oil change intervals. Talk with us to discover if synthetic oil is suitable for your vehicle.

What about other automotive fluids?

It’s wise to check your transmission fluid monthly and if it smells bad or looks opaque, it should be changed. If you’ve noticed braking issues, your brake fluid could need to be changed. If your car has hydraulically assisted steering, this fluid ought to be changed approximately every 50,000 km.

Anderson Automotive offers car oil changes near you in Wilmot, PEI.

If you’re in the Wilmot area of Prince Edward Island, come to Anderson Automotive for all your motor oil needs. We offer oil changes and other fluid changes and flushes. We also offer other automotive services such as brake services, tire balancing, tire rotation, wheel alignment, battery replacements, and more.

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