Power Steering Flush in Bedeque, PEI

Why should I get this done?

Every 80,000 kms we recommend a power steering flush. Over time the power steering system will begin to collect contaminants. 

Accumulating  buildup and dirt from general wear and tear as the parts wear down and create debris. The fluid itself may also break down due to age. A fluid flush is designed to remove these particles from the system. In order to ensure you get a proper flush, a cleaning agent will be added to remove any leftover residue before the new fluid is added.

The power steering system in your car makes turning corners smooth and easy.  In order for your power steering to work properly, it relies on a variety of parts along with clean power steering fluid,  including the power steering pump.

Getting a power steering flush keeps your power steering pump healthy and working properly. Reducing the risk of an expensive breakdown.

Quick List of Benefits

  • Smoother steering
  • keeping the power steering pump healthy
  • Removing contaminants
  • A better operating vehicle
  • Reduces risk of a breakdown


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