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Subaru Service and Repair in Miscouche, PEI


The word “Subaru” is the Japanese name for the cluster of six stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster M45, or the “Seven Sisters” (one of whom tradition says is invisible, hence only six stars in the Subaru logo), which in turn inspires the logo and alludes to the companies that merged in 1953 to create Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), now known as Subaru Corporation. Soon after, FHI merged with five other Japanese companies to form a six-sided, diversified conglomerate specializing in a range of different industries, including automotive.

The first prototype car to emerge from this new company was the P-1, which debuted in 1954. Designed to comfortably seat four adults while providing a stable and comfortable ride, the P-1 would eventually be renamed the Subaru 1500 and become the first car in history to sport the Subaru badge. 

Anderson Automotive is the best solution for your Subaru Service and Repair in Summerside, PEI. We have the latest and greatest in equipment so we can meet the needs of your Subaru with our ongoing training and certification in the latest technologies. We want to keep you safe and knowing your vehicle is in tip top condition. 

We perform a full complimentary 360 Digital Inspection that is sent to you to ensure that your vehicle is safe and reliable for our Island roads. All repairs are backed by our two year / 40,000 km TechNet Nationwide Warranty and our maintenance services are backed by the BG Lifetime Protection Plan with up to $6,000 in additional warranty depending on the maintenance service performed.

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