The Importance Of Airbag Repair

The Importance Of Airbag Repair

Learn about the importance of airbag repair, how airbags work, how they can keep you safe, and how the technicians at Anderson Automotive repair airbags.

“Can I Find Airbag Repair Near Me In Summerside, PEI?”

You can! Anderson Automotive is proud to offer airbag maintenance and repair to drivers in the Summerside area of Prince Edward Island. But how do airbags work and what makes them so important?

You May Have To Repair Your Airbags After A Collision

Automobile collisions can trigger the airbag sensors in a vehicle and/or cause the airbags to inflate. If either of these happens, you need an airbag repair and you need it prior to driving your vehicle again. If you don’t repair your airbag, you won’t have proper protection in the event of another collision.

If your airbags inflate in the first collision and you don’t repair them before a second collision, the sensors won’t trigger the airbags to inflate as they should. This puts you and any passengers you have in danger. If your airbag deployed in a collision, come to Anderson Automotive and we can fix it for you. But how do we do this?

Resetting The Airbag Light

If a collision triggered your airbag sensors, they need to be reset, even if your airbag did not inflate. Most automobiles have a warning light, similar to the check engine light, which indicates if something is wrong with the airbags. If this light is on, the airbag light needs a reset, or the airbag won’t inflate.

Resetting Airbags

Some models of vehicle allow the airbags to be reset after they’ve deployed, as long as they aren’t damaged. The technicians at Anderson Automotive can carefully stuff the airbag back into the airbag module and then reset the airbag light.

Replacing Airbags

If an airbag over-inflated or popped during a collision, or if your model of vehicle doesn’t allow for a resetting, your airbags will need to be replaced. This means replacing the entire airbag module and installing a new one. If the airbag is on your steering wheel, we might have to replace the whole steering wheel and column. After we install the new airbags, we will reset the airbag sensor, making your airbags fully functional again.

Come To Anderson Automotive For Air Bag Repair In Summerside, PEI.

If you have recently been in a collision, there is no need to keep searching for airbag repair near you. Just come to Anderson Automotive. We can reset your airbag light, reset your airbag (if possible), and replace the whole airbag module. If necessary, we can even replace the steering wheel and column. Whatever damage your vehicle suffered, the experts at Anderson Automotive can fix it.

To book an appointment for air bag repair, or for any other automotive repair or maintenance service, please click here. To learn more about our services and products, please get in touch with us via our website, or call us at 902-436-5545.

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