Tire Services in Summerside, PEI

Tire Service Near Me in Summerside, PEI

Tires. They’re important! Without tires, you cannot drive, with flat, or low tire pressure, you cannot drive very far, nor safely. As tires bear the brunt of the vehicle weight and are the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road, they go through a lot, they need a fair amount of service to keep working properly.

If your tires need servicing, you’ve probably been searching, “Tire alignment near Summerside”, “Tire rotation and balancing PEI”, “tire service near me”, or something similar. Anderson Automotive can help. Here’s what you should know about tire service.

“Can I get tire service near me in Summerside, Prince Edward Island?”

You can! Anderson Automotive offers tire service, tire rotation, and tire alignment near you if you’re in the Summerside of PEI. But what tire services do you need?

Tire service, wheel alignments, tire balancing, and more

At Anderson Automotive, we’ll take good care of your tires. But it’s not just your vehicles tires you need to focus on. We also service wheels, axles, driveshafts, and, well, all parts of your vehicle. Nevertheless, tires do require special care. As we earlier mentioned, because they’re constantly in touch with the road, they get worn down from friction and from bearing the entire weight of your vehicle.

Tires services offered by Anderson Automotive in Summerside, PEI

Tire wear down occurs relatively quickly, so they need more maintenance and service than other parts of your vehicle. At Anderson Automotive, we can provide all these tire services. Our services include:

  • Tire Installation
    At Anderson Automotive, we have a wide variety of tire brands for sale. If you’re not sure which model and brand of tire is best for your vehicle, driving style, and season, we can help you decide. Our experts can give you the information you need to make the best choice for your vehicle. After that, we’ll install your tires for you. We offer precise and quick tire installation.
  • Tire Rotation
    Your vehicle’s mass is never evenly distributed on to your four tires. Some tires will always carry more weight than others. Most vehicles are front-engine, so the engine weighs on the front tires.This means front tires often wear down quicker than back tires. To avoid uneven tire wear you should get your tires rotated occasionally.
  • Tire Balancing
    The technicians at Anderson Automotive can mount your vehicle’s tires and wheels on to a machine that measures their balance. If we find an imbalance, we can correct it by installing tire weights. This also works to reduce uneven tire wear.
  • Wheel Alignment
    Wheels can become misaligned for a variety of reasons. These include big collisions and accumulations of small bumps. Misaligned wheels hinder steering and can even be a safety hazard. When your wheels are properly aligned in the same direction, you’ll enjoy a smoother and more efficient drive.

Anderson Automotive offers tire services near you in Summerside, PEI.

If you’re in the Summerside area of Prince Edward Island, come to Anderson Automotive for all your tire and alignment needs. We offer these services and other automotive services, including diagnostics, brake line maintenance, suspension services, and more.

To book an appointment for tire services at our Summerside shop, please click here. To learn more about tire services and alignment, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 902-436-5545.

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