Transfer Case in Borden, PEI

Why should I get this done?

Every 80,000 kms we recommend having a transfer case service done. The transfer case is a special gearbox that distributes power between the front and rear axles on four-wheel-drive vehicles. In AWD vehicles, the transfer case shifts power from one axle to another, depending on which wheels are getting the most traction.

During the service we remove the contaminated or broken-down fluid and replacing it with new fluid helps prevent premature wear and can prevent costly repairs. Transfer case fluid removes heat and lubricates the internal parts to keep the gears cool and turning smoothly. Transfer case fluid becomes contaminated over time through a build-up of carbon while cooling hot components. Metal particles caused through the wear and tear of internal components are also carried in the fluid so they can be removed from the system to avoid damage by having the fluid changed.

Quick List of Benefits

  • Prevent premature wear

  • Removes contaminants

  • Prevent costly repairs


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