What Is VW Immobilizer Delete Service?

What Is VW Immobilizer Delete Service?

If you’re having problems programming or cloning the key fob for your VW automobile, you might need a VW immobilizer delete service.

What’s An IMMO Delete Service?

“IMMO” stands for immobilizer. The immobilizer enables a vehicle’s engine to run when you use that vehicle’s unique key to start the car. If your engine starts, but then shuts off after a few seconds, you may have a faulty immobilizer. An immobilizer delete is a service that reprograms the engine control unit, or ECU, to ignore the faulty immobilizer.

This most often happens when an immobilizer stops recognizing a key fob, or when a clone of a key fob or a reprogrammed one won’t work with your vehicle. This can happen to VW vehicles, but also to other vehicles, so it’s a service many drivers need. The VW group encompasses Volkswagen vehicles, as well as the Audi, Bentley, Cupra, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda brands of automobiles. If you drive any of these vehicles and the immobilizer has stopped responding to your key, you may need a delete service.

Disabling the immobilizer enables the use of a used replacement ECU. This allows the automobile to continue running without having to replace what is typically a rather expensive part.

Where Can You Find An ECU Immobilizer Delete Service In Summerside?

You can find IMMO delete services at Anderson Automotive. We can provide VW immobilizer delete services as well as ECU delete services for other vehicles, too. If you’ve lost your car key or need to replace your key fob for any other reason, a delete service might be required.

Another reason you might need a delete service is if your original ECU goes bad or stops working. If this happens, you may need to replace it with a used one that cannot be cloned. Last, if you transplanted a different engine into your vehicle, you might need a delete service to make it compatible with your key fob.

An ECU immobilizer delete service is typically a last resort service. At Anderson Automotive, our expert technicians will probably try cloning and key programming first. Sometimes our customers feel that these services might be too expensive, so they opt for an immobilizer delete service instead. Keep in mind, though, that a delete service will program the ECU to a no security state.

This service might also be necessary to install used parts. Furthermore, if you have a vehicle you use for racing, you’re likelier to need a delete service. These services are common for older race cars and engines.

Come To Anderson Automotive For ECU Immobilizer Delete Service

There’s no need to keep searching “VW immobilizer delete service near me” if you’re in the Summerside area of Prince Edward Island. Just come to Anderson Automotive. We can provide the ECU immobilizer delete service you need.

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